Adonis Richards
2 min readAug 17, 2020


You said you didn’t want anything deep…

And I believed you… but my desire for what I see in you blinded me to the fact that there was a room I couldn’t read full

So instead of taking the moment for what it was I chose to build hoping I could save you.

Instead I needed to reach deep inside and save me, I betrayed me thinking I could save me through the honesty you gave me that plagued me.

I wanted a friend, that I could build with, I saw one end, you didn’t want to fufill it.

You had one thing in mind and I though that time and effort could switch your eyes to this guy and maybe we could fly off into the horizons like dragons into the night.

The vibe was always right and when I should’ve given you what you wanted I hesitated thinking that the time wasn’t right. So now I’m staring at the ceiling wondering why?

And I know why. I wanted to push where you pulled and now my soul feels like a raging bull tearing into my heart that leaks onto a canvas I wanted to paint with you

I fell in love with an idea for you trying to tame my blazing heart.

And now it incinerates my very being that my over zealous behavior pushed you out of my life…

So what do I do now? Chalk it up to the game, understand that not everything is meant to be in my lane,

Thank you for the time and memories we made, wish you for the best and hope that one day we can do it again…

Love hurts, and I love too fast and hard, to even be sane.

Until we meet again I hope it all works out. Until I see you again