Why failure is a beautiful thing

Failure can be a burden or your greatest masterpiece. It’s up to you to decide.

Adonis Richards


Picture taken by Adonis Richards

Haven’t you heard all the stories about failure?

Don’t you fear failing? Fear being seen as a failure? Afraid to make mistakes? To take risks because of how others will perceive you?

Failure, it’s a powerful word.

Failure stinks like a bag of sweaty gym clothes that you left in your trunk and forgot about

Eventually, the stench will linger all over your car and on you.

Failure can be a vicious pain, to some it’s a horrendously scary concept.

However, what if I were to tell you that failure is actually the most beautiful thing you can imagine?

That failing isn’t all that bad and that you should want to fail in life?

Take it from a perennial failure who’s a perfectionist, failure is my best friend at times.

Failure, My Best Friend?

I know, you’re probably questioning why a perfectionist would adore failure. Most of the time you’d think that perfectionists would abhor failure and do the best possible to avoid it.

I’m here to tell you that that’s not necessarily the case. As a perfectionist, I fail often. Too many times It’s because I’m a perfectionist that I fail.

I’m a failure, and I wear that stench with me daily. Constantly analyzing where I went wrong in order to do better next time. Seeking knowledge and understanding of my failures so that I can be as close to perfect in every scenario. As a perfectionist, failure is my greatest achievement. And it can be yours too.

Own Your Failure, make it a part of you

They say the greatest champions were all failures at some point. That they had to fail before they could succeed. We all know the saying about Thomas Edison, how he (found 999 ways to not create the light bulb).

There’s also Julius Caesar who in his conquest of the known world at the time was said to have cried like a baby in front of a mural for Alexander the Great. Alexander and 32 perished…