What I’ve Learned In Business: Building Relationships pt1: My 1st Business Relationship

Adonis Richards
5 min readJun 23, 2023
image credit to Pixabay

I previously released a short-form article discussing three things I learned in Business. I plan to detail those things in long-form content for your reading pleasure. check it out here.

This is intended to be a part of a series, with the first segment detailing relationships and how to navigate them. In this, I will discuss how I’ve built relationships, how I’ve maintained them, how some of them have failed, and how it all correlates to my business. I’ll start with my journey and how I’ve cultivated relationships. And build from there.

My first Relationship

It all started in Early 2021 when I purchased my LLC. I was conversing with a good friend, business partner, and mentor with whom I worked writing stories on community engagement events we collaborated with.

They noticed my desire to be a writer and strongly suggested I get my LLC to protect my intellectual property and adequately get paid for my work. Before that, I had done some free writing for my friend, highlighting stories of events they had facilitated.

With my desire to write, they started to trust me. Not just because I was always there but because I was consistent, and I wrote the stories for the love of writing the stories. In which they gravitated to.

Trust is Key

These were food drives, community sporting event activities, Christmas buses that gave out toys for kids, and even a pandemic pizza drive that delivered over 1000 pizzas to the community during the pandemic. These stories cultivated the foundation of my business, and their highlights allowed my friend to establish trust in me that they shared with others.

In relationships, trust is key. In writing these stories, I captivated my friend's heart and mission. I consistently showed up and showed my passion for creating these stories, which allowed them to trust that I was serious about my writing…