To whom it may concern

I’m writing you this letter as a young black man

Adonis Richards
2 min readMar 12, 2020
Credit to The Miami Heat- NBA

Here is an informational session in regards to those

that are boggled by the young black men from the mud

I’m writing you this letter as a young black man

that was born in the tundra that plagues us with little resources and pain

I’m asking you to look internally and ask yourselves,

why are we drowning in these environments meant to drive us insane?

See we were born into these environments that are constantly

Drowning us in a barrel of our own hate, jealousy, and lies.

The plight of the black man is riddled in mud and sorrow.

Bloodstains ruin the soil that is meant to grow seeds.

But they bleed the same cycles of greed envy and deceit.

We did not plant these first seeds,

someone ripped us from our native land and replanted us in the darkness.

Now they watch as we become the arbiters of our own demise.

They laugh as we clash and blame each other for taking our own lives.