Three things I learned in business

Adonis Richards
3 min readJun 22, 2023

Here is a short form article that discusses a few points on business that I’ve learned.

This will in turn be a part of a series of articles that details stories and lessons I’ve learned while navigating business in my short time owning a business.

If you wish to learn more stay tuned for the long form articles as they come.


I’ve been a business owner since early 2021 when I filed my LLC for Lucidwriters. My business is a writing and media company that brings together community and poetry. For the past couple of years, I’ve done pretty fair when it comes to business and gaining opportunities under my umbrella. Finding speaking engagements, orchestrating writing courses, and gaining performance opportunities as well. I’ve learned a lot and am ready to expand my brand to the next level. Here are some things I’ve learned in a short bit. I hope you enjoy it.

Relationships are everything

As a writer and a business owner of a writing company, I’ve learned that the relationships you build are everything. Relationships have allowed me to earn speaking engagements that pay handsomely and got me into new opportunities to write for others to get born. It even exposed me to more poetry circles I wouldn’t have had before. Relationships allow you to transition into bigger spaces and expand your portfolio.

My relationships have built the foundation of the consumers that buy my books. They have allowed me to gain an audience when it comes to my open mic series as well. They have allowed me to expand into more merchandise and garnered opportunities to grow even more into more titles as the brand expands.

They are also helpful in a pinch. The relationships you build in business can take you to many places if you manage them right. Also, I’ve learned that one mistake can set you back, even when you’ve done a plethora of good things prior.

How do you build relationships? Meet people with confidence, go places, and ask questions. Listen intently to people in your field, and support their cause. These are some ways I’ve maintained my relationships, and they have helped me in business.

Protecting your intellectual property…