Thierry’s tumble

Adonis Richards
3 min readJul 18, 2023

A Short Story

image credit to pixabay

Thierry was overwhelmed with fear and angst while tumbling down the hill. He moaned and croaked as his body collided with the dirt, branches, and twigs while rolling to what seemed to be endlessly down the steep hill. From Above, Jessie watched in terror as her friend descended the hill shrinking into the deep forest until she couldn’t see him. His shrieks grew more and more silent as he eventually became a speck in the distance.

Exhausted from the pain of hitting the dirt over and over again, Theirry lost consciousness. Just before falling into the darkness, the shock of the fall hit him, and he conceded to his fate, he was going to die. As his eyes closed and the lights dimmed, he felt a sudden lick on his cheek. And then another lick, and another, until he began to open his eyes. What he saw next put him into another moment of shock. A Large White wolf, standing at about 7–8 feet, stood over the child, licking his face to help him up. All Theirry could do was stare back, as if death was visiting him twice. Lost in uncontrollable fear, Theirry stared into the wolf’s starry blue eyes, as if he was prepared to become lunch for this terrifying large animal that seemed to be in a nightmare.

“Ahh, youre finally awake; nice to meet you; I’m Arethon.” Thierry’s eyes were now bursting out of his face; a talking wolf now? That is all he thought.

“It’s okay to be shocked, I’m pretty sure a human like yourself has never seen something the likes of me. Please take your time to intake all that is happening,” Arethon stated as he began to walk away.

Arethon walked past Thierry and gazed off into the stars out of the cave. Beside Theirry, a fire cracked viciously, the flames burning his skin as sensation began to return to his body.

Thiery sat in silence, as his mind was attempting to catch up with the scenery.

“You took one hell of a tumble back then, young man,” Aerthon said, finally breaking the silence.

Thierry sat still, confused, and terrified at what was happening. He slapped himself a few times as if he were attempting to wake himself from a strange dream. He thought to himself,

“Am I dead?”

“Is this real?”

“What’s going on?”

“ What’s the matter? I know you can make sounds. I heard you screaming from a mile away,” Aerthon said.

“ All of the creatures in Eros could. Lucky you, I got to you before something else did.”

Arethon started to walk back towards Theirry.

“D-D-Don’c come any closer! Theirry finally shrieked.

He began to creep backward as his heart started to beat out of his chest violently.

Aerthon hesitated with his next step.

“Ahh, at ease, child; I’m not here to harm you.”