Adonis Richards
2 min readJul 22, 2020


There I was, going blind

Racing for a finish line

Losing my mind

Trying to define myself by parameters that weren’t mine

Traveling into a section that wasn’t my lane

I looked in disdain at the man I became

Succumbed to self hate and passion for causing pain to my membrane

I fell deep into the depths of the insane

Enslaved by the hurt that I claimed I couldn’t fight my way out of this hole I dug

Self destruction became my cousin as we obliterated my structure of the world I was supposed to live,

Mind racing, off course of the tracks laid out by the divine

I became defined by the mistakes I made in this past life,

Now redirecting from the abyss I claim darkness and drag it into the light,

Right hand to god I shine on those that are consumed by the black rift that drains hope

Challenging myself everyday,

Hungry like a wolf on the hunt, I walk this cold blizzard of life chasing my dream

Diving off the deep end, taking my leap of faith,

I define my life on my terms and not by the molds that this paradigm designed for me,

Who are you to become?

What will you make?

The world is in your hands,

Craft the portrait you can be proud of.