The Story Elements I Pay Attention To

Adonis Richards
3 min readAug 3, 2023
Image credit to Stocksnap on Pixabay

Here's what I look for in my fiction books…

As a fan of storytelling, I'm a big fan of story elements that help the story progress. As a reader, I love a great visual that traps me into a story to experience a character's development, a scene, or a climax. These things give me the dopamine I'm looking for and the escape I want from a story. Over the years, As I've grown as a storyteller, I've pinpointed a few things that have sparked my interest in storytelling.

Here, I will give you the short version of them, then expand them into another four-part series to provide an in-depth experience of my world as a writer and storyteller.

Here are the four elements I look for in storytelling.

A hero's journey

A hero's journey is the first thing I look for. Who is the hero in this story? Are there multiple heroes? What are their journeys? Do their journeys weave into each other, and how do they apply to the story? What lesson am I learning from the hero's journey? A hero's journey to me is the aspect that captivates me the most.


Because to me, that's the place in the story I think I can connect the most. The reader or viewer wants to escape and connect to a character on many levels. A hero is the first character you connect with. What is their background? How are they growing? What is their wish? Purpose in the story? How can they reach that goal? How many times do they succeed? Fail? How can your audience relate to the character you're bringing to life to them? That's what's captivating in the story.


What is the scene? Can you describe it to put me in it? Can I see it? When I see it, how vivid is it? What can I get out of it? What's going on in the scene? How is it portrayed? Does the scene relate to a specific character based on color, their rise or demise? The scenery is everything; how a writer or creator sets a stage is pivotal to how a reader/ viewer gravitates to said element. Your location sets the tone for your story.

Also, how well you can describe or showcase said scene is essential.