Adonis Richards
2 min readJan 20, 2020


Thank you,

For shedding light in the darkest times,

For running towards the gates of hate

Knowing the love you brought could be devoured by its pain

Thank you, for being the vanguard of justice

For dreaming of greater pastures,

And setting the stones meant to lead to

The path of their conjuring

Thank you, for consuming the darkest of lies,

And blinding them in the light of truth

Thank you for fighting till the end of your days,

Knowing the ways that you lived in would shake the world

Thank you for risking it all knowing full well you could be slain any day

Thank you for standing when everyone sat, thank you for putting those in a defensive stance into attack without harming a soul

Thank you for making those who were usually cold turn into the brave and the bold and fight off the mindsets of the old and withering away

A trend setter

A paradigm all on your own

A king, rising like the sea on a warm summer day, you were a tsunami that crushed hate in its wake. A volcano destroying racism without a trace,

Leaving new soil for fresh life to recreate

Thank you for everything

May we hope to keep the flames of your legacy burning bright

Thank you Dr king.