Taking the time to slow down

Adonis Richards
2 min readAug 30, 2021
image credit to hans on pixabay

I have this 300 writing prompts book that I periodically write in. I was supposed to write in it every day. However, between purchasing it and now I got into a car accident and my birthday occurred. In that time I had a supreme rush of anxiety trying to get a new vehicle ( I'm unemployed and I lyft for a living as of now) and planning a birthday poetry slam.

don’t ask me how I did it, I just did. I don’t even know how I managed any of that. especially with me being the type of person that thinks the world is crumbling whenever something bad occurs in my life.

Nevertheless, The book. I finally got a chance to relax after my birthday weekend festivities and opened the page to write. After breezing through a bunch of prompts I wasn’t prepared to write about or not interested in, I finally came across one. “ What stoplight would you describe your life to be right now?” ( I’m paraphrasing).

immediately I thought green because I’m always on GO. My mind is racing, between anxiety, things I haven’t done, depression, and poems I haven’t written, my mind never stops. Therefore, I’m always moving.

I’m impatient and consistently moving towards my goals. Never taking the opportunity to relax. so, go was the natural reaction. However, this time I thought about my life and, slow down, or yellow flowed from my mind to the pen to the paper.

Why Yellow?

Because as of right now I’m pacing myself. All of the hard work and dedication and long nights crying are starting to pave off. All the things I manifested were coming to fruition and I was finally able to pace myself and feel comfortable that something was moving in the right direction. So, yellow was the light I chose.

At this juncture in time, I don’t feel rushed. I don’t feel the gravity of the world on my shoulders, I don’t feel stress. I’m comfortable with what’s going on. I’m finally getting sustainable pay for writing. I’m going to a job interview in a career field of my choosing. I have a tremendous amount of writing content that can easily be fit into a portfolio. Plus, I’m living on my own and taking care of myself.

All of the things I said I was going to at the beginning of the year, I’m doing. And that's why I can slow down, and breathe, and appreciate the journey.

Which light is your life in, and why?

Green = go

yellow = slow down

red = stop