Staying Motivated During a Pandemic

Adonis Richards
5 min readOct 26, 2020
image credit to pixabay

We’re legitimately living in a historic space. A global pandemic is upon us and it has completely slowed down our world to almost a standstill. For months, we’ve been cooped up into the house, and have been given small liberties and possibilities to go out to functions. This year has brought us much sadness, confusion, fear, and death. For there to be any form of motivation in 2020 would be that of miracles at times. However, there are means to stay motivated. As even though we have all slowed down, there is still a surge of effort and movement happening all over. How can you stay motivated during a global pandemic? I can give you a few ways I do so during this lawless year.

Witness peers succeed

I don’t know it completely, but there is an old saying that you are the company you keep. Well, I like to keep some successful company around me at all times. I’m around a lot of positive people, people striving for their goals, and striving to be the best they possibly can be.

For me, I like being around people who have success around them or succeed in their goals all the time. My best friend just recently received his master’s degree from Cornell. I have a group of friends who all have master’s degrees in various different subjects. A lot of days they push me as peers and as friends to be better each and every day. Sometimes without even knowing that they do. Every time I see them do something, it motivates me. I see it as more of a friendly competition, or more so of friends pushing friends to do better.

Through social media, I have a lot of peers that succeed in their daily lives. Each and every day I applaud them and I use their success as motivation for my own. When you’re around positive energy and people pushing forward, you yourself will push forward.

write down five goals for the day

This will help you create a standard. Writing down five goals, 10 goals, three goals, or even a goal a day can help you in the long run. It sets yourself not necessarily a schedule, but markers throughout your day that you want to accomplish.

For me I write down five goals, what do I want to accomplish today?. A lot of my goals are centered around my writing goals. So I would say for one day…