So You voted, What Now?

Adonis Richards
5 min readNov 9, 2020
image credit to pixabay

All year I’ve witnessed people discuss voting and its importance. And all year I’ve rolled my eyes. Watching the millions of social media posts and commercials about how imperative voting is this year and how not voting is “voting as well”. The conversation of the “lesser of two evils”. and the overarching cataclysm that has been this two-party dominated system under the succubus of capitalism. Now that we are closing in on this election, and people have voted they seem to have some sort of confidence that they did the right thing.

There’s a conversation that getting rid of Donald trump delivers some sort of heroic act that defeats a tyrant from office. As if The systems of racial and cis male oppression are going to wash away once we vote Joe Biden in.

( I know this isn’t the truth, and the majority of the conversation deters from that, however the energy reveals something different in my interpretation.)

there’s the constant conversation of voting, as if it is the end all be all, the absolute. And I believe that is why so many people choose not to vote

And that conjures up this ultimate question I’ve had for a while now.

What do you do after you vote?

so you’ve voted, what’s next? What do you do after you vote? Yes your vote counts, but it is not the ultimate action to change a system designed for failure. It is but a cog in the wheel that pushes the machine of justice. Once you vote, the job is far from finished. So the question stands, what do you do once you vote?

Here is a post informing you on some things you can do after you vote. In order to deconstruct the systems of capitalism, racism, sexism etc.. we must continue the fight long after the election in a myriad of ways. Here is a list detailing some steps that can lead to action to suppress the systems that bind us in my own opinion.

1. Lobby

Definition- seek to influence (a politician or public official) on an issue.

Lobby to your local officials about issues that affect your community. Talk to your politicians, they’re available. Find their schedules. Lobbying is important to keep a firm grip and grasp on what your politicians are doing to better the communities they…