Make the Dream Work

Adonis Richards
8 min readJul 19, 2023

Something that we as young professionals overlook in our day-to-day lives is our teamwork. How often do we sit back and analyze the team of people we work with and envision them as teams seeking to achieve an ultimate goal? That may be the last thing on our minds when we’re young and pursuing our professions. That, or it may come as second nature. We all know the saying, teamwork makes the dream work. But how many of us are actually making the dream work? Does it align with our dream? Are we even dreaming? Is teamwork really effective?

All of these questions come into play when discussing teamwork. Without teamwork, we wouldn’t be capable of achieving our goals. Teamwork can make or break a job experience as well. Teamwork can be the catalyst for the professional career you see fit. It’s all on perspective. As young professionals, this is the time to soak everything in. To gain experience and learn from our contemporary and predecessors' mistakes. And one of the most important lessons should be how we operate within different roles as a team.

There is no I in team

Being a young professional in my own right, I’ve experienced many teams. And I can tell you many times I have failed as a teammate, and many times I’ve succeeded as well. I’ve seen teams fall as well. Analyzing and devising the best characteristics of teamwork along the way. My experiences have allowed me to understand the power of teamwork and how it delivers magic in the professional realm. I think my first real experience in teamwork was in 2015 when I was in college.

I was with two of my good friends. We had just left the dining court after spending hours in the gym. The three of us were discussing how to make the collegiate experience better for ourselves and our Potsdam community. Then, my friend told me and the others that we should do a hip-hop show. And that’s when it started.

From there, we took on the mantle of creating a show for students, students seeking the ability to produce a showcase with the concept of Black history involved. It was an ambitious project that saw me and the other person go through a grueling process to achieve the best outcome.

He took the lead, and I followed; we both produced however, he had more of the alpha and connections to pull it off. I learned…