Lost ones

Adonis Richards
2 min readNov 13, 2019

Lost ones

image credit to clipart

I wonder how lifeless you feel at times,

All the perks and weed drowning the anxiety and feeling of abandon,

I wonder if you ever thought, if I were a phantom would I need to need to handle this mantle of pressure and pain that seems to hold my soul for ransom,

I wonder if the flashing of guns and money and drugs and chilling with these lost niggas make you feel any more of a person,

Because the love you wanted was masked by a false sense of freedom only to be ripped from you every evening,

Father never wanted you,

Mother always on the go you wonder if she wanted you either

So you feel this ether embellishing your blood pressure trying to determine each and every day

either this gun cocked will push lead into my head or

I should linger in this relentless world

Do I have a place on this planet?

Is this lifestyle sustainable for my progression?

We had no guidance, so we turn to violence,

Our voices become silent to concepts that could get us to the highest peaks

So we get the highest off weed and perks to generate the image of things we cannot see

I can feel you seething with every breath that you’re breathing,

Because all you’ve been surrounded by is evil,

So the feeling that you’re thinking of is clouded by this surreal fog that’s blinded you to the love you’re really needing

The love you had was at its most terrifying form, deceit,

And now darkened by its gaze you deliver the same feeling, and it gives you an emptiness

That is yearning for a feeling

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to give the love you’re reaching for, I know the numbness is causing a screaming inside for a certain someone to help you from peeling off into the darkness

And now, you’re another victim of the system,

Here’s a toast to another lost nigga