Load Management, a Message to The Blue Collar

Adonis Richards
6 min readJan 11, 2020
Kawhi plays defense against the Charlotte Hornets

It’s the dawn of unsuspecting weekday, you’re going about your regular routine. Nothing particular occurs until you hear the headline: Kawhi Leonard sits out for another game to load manage. You think to yourself, load manage? How do you get paid millions to “load manage”. Aren’t you a professional athlete? Don’t you have the best doctors in the world? Why are you sitting out if you’re not hurt or injured? load manage? What preposterous concept is this?

“I wish I could load manage. “ I the thought you think when you go about your everyday routine grinding to get a fraction of what Kawhi Leonard receives.

However, you can. In fact, we do every day.

See, this sports concept of load management is not a new inquiry. But it is out of the norm. There is this “ American “ concept of pulling up our bootstraps and working every day. The harder the worker, the more impressive. If you’re not up at 5 am you’re not working hard enough. If you’re not persevering every day, you’re not completing something.

When In fact, the most successful people don’t work hard. They work smart. Kawhi Leonard recently won an NBA championship by working smart. We can debate the details of if the Warriors were healthy or if that game seven buzzer-beater didn’t happen. But the truth of the matter is the history books will determine that Kawhi worked smart and captured his second title. How did he do it? Load managing. He took days off. Resting his body so he could be fully prepared for the playoffs.

Even in the playoffs, he looked gimpy at times. It goes to show, we can fight through something. However, we must know when to. He fought threw injury when it mattered. Not during some regular-season game that will be washed in time.

Let’s take a step back and understand Load Management

Load management is a concern in the NBA that has GMS and owners panicking in search of answers. The overgrowing problem stems from the rising player empowerment movement that has players wielding a tight lease on NBA teams. Nowadays players are determining their destinies, forcing teams to adjust at a pace they can’t keep up with. The hurricane of player empowerment is dowsing the NBA world with a feverish rain. A…