Lebron vs Jordan. The social story

Adonis Richards
7 min readDec 15, 2019
featured image credit to CC The Ringer illustrations 2.0

Michael was smooth, Class personified, never rattled. LeBron was loud, expressive and always prepared to say what’s on his mind. Two kings who reigned differently. Both intellectuals. Both black men who held sheer dominance on and off the court. Two men who will be compared to each other till the end of time. One is the greatest of all time. The other is the king so many desperately wish would fall off his high horse. One was mum on the concepts that seemed to matter to those that looked like him. The other never hesitates to say what’s on his mind.

We’ve undisputedly known Michael Jeffery Jordan to be the GOAT when it comes to basketball. Any kid who knows basketball knows Michael Jordan. He was a master at work to watch, the way he performed every night, his love for the game was second to none. There was no other who had a fervor to win like Mike. We all wanted to be like him. We all bought his shoes, we all know the story. Mike changed the game. He individualized it, and if it weren’t for Mike, there wouldn’t be a LeBron James or any of the other stars we idolize today. However, there is a problem. Michael’s silence is disturbing when it comes to social issues, especially about race. throughout his career, Michael was apparently mum to social issues happening in America. As a matter of fact, he was silent up until 2016, where racially charged incidents occurred and appeared to have peaked in Dallas. Prior to that, you wouldn’t hear a pee from his Airness.

As a star player with lucrative endorsement deals, Jordan wasn’t known for taking a stand on issues, prompting NBA icon and activist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to say in an NPR interview in November that Jordan “took commerce over conscience.” CNN.com

As the greatest of all time, his influence crossed barriers. Some would think that Michael was afraid of his image and his career if he spoke out against racial injustices in America. When you look at the likes of Mohammed Abdul-Rauf, who was exiled for refusing to stand for the national anthem, that fear is real. However, Shaun King recently stated that Michael at the top of his game could’ve said anything and it wouldn’t have affected his career negatively to paraphrase. This was during the All the smoke Podcast hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. Michael Jordan’s excuses were slim to none. He had potentially…