Adonis Richards
3 min readJan 8, 2020


Never give up

It gets bad before it gets worse, you will experience no’s, you will experience failure after failure. You will cry waterfalls that fill springs of pain, suffering, frustration that you cannot fathom. You will believe you aren’t worth it. Your journey will hit road blocks and obstacles that seem like dead ends.

You will feel worthless. Your fortitude will be tested and your energy drained daily. This pain. This pain is the strength needed to dig out of the dirt and claim your worth. There is no easy method to this madness. There is no right way. There is no sure fire path. However,keep going. If it’s worth it, you’ll make it. You’ll work for it. You’ll go through the fire, burn yourself and one day you’ll reign. You’re crown will teeter, but your kingdom will grow.

Never give up, it gets bad before it gets worse

You must not give up. Each emotion is a story to tell when you finally cruise through that sea of pain and find the land of milk and honey in abundance, you’ll cheer in glee as you appreciate your journey. Never give up.

Understand the no’s made you, the failures created the greatness within your fibers.

The times you fell reveal that one day you’ll prevail.

I’ve been in that loop, the endless loop of hopelessness that feels as though you’re not succeeding and the small victories won’t garner ultimate achievement.

I’ve seen myself fail far more than I’ve succeeded. Which is why I know how grueling the climb is. I also know how validating the success can be. There is nothing more gratifying than traveling through a desert of failure to find an Oasis of success. It’s not a mirage. It is a place holder. To set you up for how far you have come. It is a moment of nirvana that validates you.

I remember as a writer I tried to publish for a newspaper I regularly read. I failed a few times to publish, they consistently rejected me post after post. But one day….one day… suddenly I sent a post and weeks later I received an email saying that they had accepted and posted my submission. The sheer joy I felt, knowing how that my post was published. At this point, I knew I arrived. This journey as a writer was legitimate. No I didn’t receive a job, or compensation in the form of money. However I did receive the gratification that I am a published writer in one of the more prominent social justice sites. That was enough for me.

That was my oasis in the desert. I was able to find a pocket of happiness in the sandstorm of pain. And it got me back in my feet. Understand that this journey isn’t for the weak minded. It strengthens you.

Take time to enjoy the little victories. Take time to appreciate the struggle and fight hard for what your dreams are. Also, take time to rest along the way.

The worth of the journey is just as much as the destination.