Adonis Richards
2 min readDec 30, 2019


I’m here now,

They used to clown me but I’m revered now

I’m everything they used to fear now

I’m everything I used to fear now

I’m everything I used to fear now

Everything I used to fear I’m conquering

This life I lived is so sincere how?

I’m. outpacing my peers now


No longer running from how I feel now

This is my moment momma I know you can’t wipe your tears now

Yah baby boy is living his dreams and realizing everything he deserves in a moment of Nirvana I’m rising my in my rear view I get to peer now

Seeing the fruits of my labor bear the strange fruit billy holiday sang about,

I’m the very dreams the slave owners that built this country used to think about in their nightmares

Screaming fuck the free world y’all can’t stop me from letting freedom rang

Rang like the liberty bell in a cold Philadelphia morning by the rocky statue there’s nothing we can’t do

I’m here now

I don’t have anything to fear now

Where I used to watch the birds fly now I’m an albatross ruling the skies

We’re I used to sit on the beaches wishing I could swim now I’m sailing the seven seas thinking there is no obstacle that can’t be conquered by me

I’m here now, I’m everything they feared now

Seething life and happiness as they let down the path I carved through blood sweat and tears

Everything is clear now, I’ve got nothing to fear now

I’ve got nothing to fear now.

I’m here now.