Adonis Richards
1 min readJan 8, 2020


I want to taste your nectars,

Sucking the golden honey from the inner walls of your other lips, I wanna feel your hands crushing my head as I relentlessly stick my tongue in between your legs.

I want that rush of water cascading down my face as you cum all over it. I want to feel your legs shake from the harsh pleasures of me sucking and stroking your clit with my tongue.

I want that feeling, of you laying there breathing heavily, ready for me,

I want to turn you over and caress your cheeks as you perk your ass up to give me a peek of that pretty little pink pussy,

As I lift my leg up and stick it in, all I want is to hear that initial shriek,

The sound makes me throb and moan. I want to see you re adjust from every stroke, I start slow to get your walls ready

The thick coat of juices causes me to moan this time, you wince and whisper yes as I penetrate your walls,

You feel my hands grab your ass

while I get a good grasp

Now it’s time for action,

you begin to shriek louder while I grow inside