Adonis Richards
1 min readDec 4, 2019


I hope to see the days

Where all the things we used to pray for

Fade away and the silenced will see the praise they wished for unfaze and tangibly

Be created in their favor

I hope that the pain of those suppressed are addressed and we can no longer stress about who’s skin is more colorful than the next

I hope to see the day that black and blue can live in harmony

Boy I hope the blue can stop the carnage please

I hope the black can find piece in their communities and that poverty can rot in a box somewhere deep in the crevasses of the Marianna trench,

I hope Latinos can not be exiled from the land of the free and that refugees across seas can find a hope and be reunited with glee

I hope the world finds clean energy for these new boys and girls and that gratitude is replaced with the greed that sucks dry this world

I hope we can find peace.

These are just prayers of a young creative

Wishing for the day…