Adonis Richards
2 min readJul 27, 2019


I can feel the pain trickling down my face and scratching at my eyes trying to turn me blind with rage as I feel myself go insane and my heart set ablaze in engulfed in hate

At this moment the only thing soothing me is the constant sound of rain in the background but I can feel it creeping every second, clawing it’s way to my soul and as I contest it I run the risk of it consuming me while I’ve never felt so many emotions at one time running wild like a fire burning down a forest

This can end today, that’s all I hear my thoughts saying

And I cannot stop it

I can run away and never feel this amount of pain ever again. But the very force that draws me away is at the same time forcing me to stay

So I wallow in this pain as my mind decays thinking of the day you deceived me.

And the love I feel drowned in the rain outside and drained into the sewers to be eventually washed away into the waste that cycles in the ocean.

The toxicity of that love tastes like sweet honey. But it sticks to me and drains me of all my life. So I have to put it down. But how can I do that?

In this mold. I can’t believe the treacherous actions of you committed to me, but if I continue to dwell on this happy hell I’ll continue to fail in my own psyche. So I drop it, let it go and forgive the horrors you caused so that I can begin to smell fresher air.

And like that the rain lifts. And the pain in my chest dissipates into the atmosphere