How I gain my thrill of writing back

Adonis Richards
3 min readAug 3, 2021

Somedays, or sometimes some weeks are hard.

I’m a writer. I say that with pride. I’ve written and published two poetry books. I’ve been published in online publications multiple times. I love writing. I love creating. I love editing. I love the process of being a writer. I write to inspire, to flesh out my feelings, to create.

I write as much as I possibly can. But it’s not always thrilling being a writer.

Why do I say this? Because with anything you love, you’ll have ebbs and flows. Somedays I’m not inspired to write. My emotions may get the best of me. Sometimes writer's block can control my will to write. Sometimes my love for writing can drain me. My dream is to inspire people with my writing. i do that now. But living your dream comes with troubles sometimes.

I’m having that trouble at the moment. There are a lot of factors that are playing into me having this moment. And because of this, I lost my love of writing for a week.

here’s how I keep the thrill of my passion going:

  1. Write a draft and come back to it
    I find myself writing more and more drafts, then picking them up later to edit them. Normally I write something down, then a few hours, or a day later I’ll edit the draft. This keeps my mind sharp, and it also keeps me from going insane. Typos, things I didn’t want to write, words I can exchange for other words are all reasons to write drafts.

In school, your teacher always encouraged you to write drafts for papers. ( I didn’t listen then). However, now I do as it helps with my writing and keeps me from mindlessly writing daily.

2. Find outside forces to write about
It is always important to find outside motivation and sources. Read other people’s writing. study on your niche. Go outside and feel nature. these things can assist you in your journey and help you write. I’m always asking friends about things I can write about. I’m always reaching for something to learn and translate that into writing. Finding things outside to write about can be a great challenge to create and write.