Adonis Richards
2 min readJul 11, 2020


Gotta look deep inside

Hell on these streets

Remorse is denied

The minds of these lost niggas have aligned with benevolent spirits that strip them of all the good life

Lack has placed our backs against the wall

Looking to snipe any unsuspecting soul that has fouls gold in their soul,

Or gold on their neck,

Or verdant in their hand

The purpose of these niggas in this land was deserted long ago when they stole our worth before our birth

Tore our fathers from home, it’s all broken

Told us our dreams are distorted to only a few things that become exploited by diamonds and things

Gotta look deep inside,

Fighting the blind leading the blind,

The darkness caught my peers before they could see the light

18 became a height so many dreamt of

30 became the new age we die in.

Systems designed to create victims, and victims succumb to the idea that their supposed to be this way

Like self destruction was the legacy that was constructed for the black mind

The enslaved allowed the cage to become more than a physical idea, it became a mind state.

And now we are tormented by self hate and rage.

Begging for the day that our misery would go away, either by those that look like us, or the perpetrators of the system seeking to put us to a permanent bed, or a cell for forever.

Gotta look deep inside,

Self responsibility has become a phrase

That’s it, no accountability for the things we allowed, no ability to see the bullshit in the crowd.

This is the hell we live in. Succumbed to the system. Trying to evict our minds from this prison

No way out.