Adonis Richards
2 min readJun 19, 2019


Give me freedom or give me death

Release from the depths of a present hell we rejoice in the moment in which our ancestors fell

Fell to the depths of the ocean or to the bottom of basic human treatment

Oh how today we are reminded of the moment they were released from the pain, only to fall deeper into a new type of hate

They freed the slaves

Then put them back in chains

Today is a day of hope, that one day this great nation will cash in the check of justice to the bank of liberation

Or whatever Dr.king said

Today is the day we remember our ancestors walking off those plantations because the north won the war,

But we didn’t

Today is a landmark in the war of freedom and liberty

Liberty to all men

Yes black men and white men

Today is the day we were given our freedom. Let us celebrate our landmark in our quest for liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Celebrate another year that goes by as we enjoy that bit of freedom the salves were granted

And look forward as we seek the true justice we deserve

For all those that chose death over chains, and all those that died to save our names to all those that survived the cold nights and long days

To those that pick cotton

Today is the day they freed the slaves

It’s Juneteenth. This is our day. And as we march to the halls of justice to demand our liberty and freedom from the tyranny of America. Let us be reminded of what she is capable of and demand she do the same for this moment