10 Things to Remember when you feel like your progress is too slow…

Believe in yourself and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Adonis Richards


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I’ve felt the depression, I’ve been through the anxiety. The pressure kills me everyday. I’ve experienced it all. This system of capitalism is designed to drain you before it can pay you. Some of us never get to get paid. I’ve seen people feel like progress just isn’t in their process.

This post is to tell you otherwise.

Understand that progress is slow, and that everyone moves at their own pace. And that even though it isn’t happening now it will eventually occur. I was inspired by a woman yesterday’s A black woman. Her story was extraordinary. She had began cooking without any true backing or experience and turned it into two businesses that she owns over the course of 5–6 years. She had struggled with doubt. Pressure, and people’s own disbeliefs for a long time. At a time she was homeless, almost lost everything. However she persevered. And now she’s getting ready to open her second restaurant in a month and a half.

How does this story relate? Because her journey is one that reveals the ebbs and flows of everyone’s journey. Because she is someone we can relate to in some way form or fashion. I almost dropped tears because the story was so profound, honest, and believable. For someone to come where I come from, disadvantage, poverty, social and economic struggle and to make it like that I was amazed and honored to be in the same room with her. Like Nipsey Hussle, said you’ll go through every emotion.You’ll feel worthless, like you can’t make it. However, you can. That’s why I’m writing this post here, to remind you of that. Here are 10 things I’m going to remind you everyday to remember.

  1. Breathe.

This is the most important one, which is why it’s first. Breathe. In hale one time. Now exhale. Do it as you’re reading. Remind yourself you’re alive. We often forget that we’re even alive because we’re so far consumed with life . So inhale…

Now exhale…

Breathing is essential. It can calm your storms. Don’t ever forget to breathe.

2. You are right where you need to be