is a great motivator…

Adonis Richards
1 min readMar 14, 2020
Image credit — Melanie Wasser — Unsplash

Fear liquidates through the psyche and infuses itself within our minds,

decimating rationality within an instant.

Shredding any sentiments of desire to realize,

That fear feels like pressure condensing your head and testing

your ability to navigate through the challenge in front of you.

We quiver in fear when the unknown is presented to us.

The anxiety rises and the sight of what’s next runs amuck

Our minds run algorithms that scribe fantasies of what could possibly happen

And that’s usually the worst possible outcome.

At that moment…

fear takes over

Palms get sweaty

Reason goes out the window and panic arises without a moments notice

Imagine a world, where something simple as a sneeze,

can generate such mass panic that the world stops,

Fathom the idea that a people can cause mass harm to you,

so you fight them each and every day


is a great motivator…

And it pushes us daily