Adonis Richards
2 min readMar 3, 2021

a poem from The Quarantine Chronicles

I walk into every room, every situation

As if I were going to fail

Confidence in my consciousness is like

A shark in an aquarium

Eventually, I will die

Because my confidence deserves to be out at sea

Swimming viciously through my membrane and delivering the light from my mind


My fear of failure controls that line

So I waltz into every scenario, feeling like I don’t belong

Feeling as if I’m not ready,

Fearing I’ll fuck this up,

I tumble right into my fail-safes,

And a fall flat on my face

Because failing is all I know

Yet, failing is something I love to do

I love failing

I love making mistakes

They are the battle scars I carry

In every race.

Failing will only allow me to embrace success,

Therefore, I continue to impress

Myself with every failure I ever attempt

Failing isn’t bad,

I walk into every room like Imma fuck this shit up,

Because I will,

However, the desire to fail isn’t killing that thrill

Now I march into an environment

Optimistic like the shark swimming that deep sea

Knowing that something good will come out of every encounter

Especially for me

I used to hate failing, but now,

I’m falling in love with failure because I will eventually succeed.