Elias and the Leap

Adonis Richards
3 min readOct 26, 2023

Here’s an excerpt from a story I’m writing I hope you all like it.

Elias stood petrified over the ledge; his brain told him to jump, yet his legs turned to stone as fear overtook him. Below him, the portal spun, whipping, whirling, roaring, and glowing a blinding light. Behind him, the patrol unit encroached, preparing to capture him. Running for so long, he had sat there in turmoil, wondering what to do. Be captured by the patrol unit, or dive into the unknown without guarantee of seeing his world or loved ones again. It shook Elias to his core. The two choices he had planted his feet to the ground. Suddenly, he felt like a tree rooting into the soil. He was stuck between two decisions. He could feel power emitting from the portal, drawing him in.

Once he reached the ledge, he froze. The patrollers were getting closer, preparing to take him in for stealing the Chalice of Life from the palace. He said he agreed to go on the journey with everyone to bring it to the Land of Hope. They had used up all their power to return to their realm.

He remembered Ezra the Great speaking on this phenomenon before, about the portal sometimes acting uncontrollably and the potential of it sending them to a world they won’t get out of.

He witnessed Jason and Jeremy jump without a hitch. Even Lily jumped into the portal despite being nervous. But when it was Elias’ turn, he simply couldn’t jump. All he could remember was Ezra telling them the story of AV leaving through the portal and never coming back. Yes, his stories of magical worlds of adventure and dreams beyond anyone’s imagination were awe-inspiring. But he also said of the horrors of how the worlds lingers on you. And the nightmares of tragedy, sleepless nights living in fantasies, and PTSD from experiences in other worlds.And the worst part, those that never came back.

These stories caused Elias to become overwhelmed with fear. Now, the Troopers were nearly within arm’s reach, and it was nearing time for Elias to decide. He stood there, as he always does, indecisive. Risk of being imprisoned forever? Or dive into the unknown and face death or worse on the other side because the probability of things going right never came to Elias’ mind.

These fears forced Elias to stand still, curious yet concerned for his own life. The other three adventurers left without a hitch. They did not like the thought of being enslaved. They’d instead take the risk than spend the rest of their days working for…