Adonis Richards
2 min readMar 20, 2020


Father and son, Rob Marmion /

Dear dad,

I wonder if you have pictures of me,

and reminisce on the times we used to play basketball in the park,

Do you remember playing your PlayStation basketball game?

and me watching right next to you trying to learn the controls,

and getting frustrated that I didn’t understand

You being a man took the time to teach me the game,

and now all I do is game and wish,

that you were here next to me today so we could play like the good old days.

I’d love to show you how far I came,

from that little smart ass boy that cried all day who always was giving

to this young man trying to pace his way in the writing game.

I wish you could see all the things I write about.

I wish you were there to see me accomplish my greatest feats,

achieving not one,

but two college degrees.

I wonder if you’re proud of me.

One day we’ll sit down with a bottle of Hennessy

and this time I’ll tolerate it because the first time my curious ass drank

it, my mother screamed on you for being so careless

as to let me sip that nasty drink.

I hope to show you my stories,

and listen to yours to get more inspiration

I hope to sit with you and talk about my dedication to creation

and also to see what your life has been since your vacation from

Me and my siblings.

One day, we’ll chat about life.

I don’t know when that will be,

but one day we’ll reminisce in glee about what we used to be,

Signed, your Lil homie



P.S. I’m big homie. Now because I’m taller than you