Dealing with Trauma

Adonis Richards
5 min readJan 13, 2020
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Trauma — A deeply depressing or disturbing experience

Dealing with trauma is a job on its own. For black and brown folk especially in the inner cities, trauma is almost a norm. And it comes in a variety of forms. We are all subjected to some type of traumatic experience at a young age. I’m speaking generally If you didn’t experience something traumatic then kudos to you. However, for inner-city youth, Trauma is like breathing. So many of us experience it so frequently we eventually become numb to it.

We spend a great majority of our time in our youth accumulating trauma and not knowing how to deal with it. A lot of us are told to “toughen up” and “it’s a phase”. Never attempting to face the inner workings of the damage that had constructed us. How do we deal though? That is the question. Especially when we’re around others that don’t know how to deal. The answer, there are plenty of ways to deal with our traumas. And it’s time we start seeking out.

I’m no expert, but I am a man who is currently reconstructing himself by dealing with his past traumas. At this moment I’d love to share a few means in order to deal with my traumas. hopefully, it can work for you too.

  1. Talk about it

Express it. Put the scenario in front of you and talk about it. You can talk to yourself, in a journal, your friends or even a stranger. But talking about it can help you talk through it and learn how to master it. Talking about what troubles you can be the first step into facing the long-fought war within.

2. Therapy

This is a tough one especially for our communities because of a number of factors. First, it isn’t easy to find therapists that look like us. a common gripe with black and brown folks is that expressing our traumas can be difficult for those that cannot empathize with us. I myself have struggled with this concept and it is the main problem I have when it comes to seeking therapy. The second problem is affording therapy. I’ve heard a lot of black and brown folk say they cannot afford therapy. Which is a struggle in its own right. These factors ultimately deter us from seeking therapy, however, there are ways around it. There are people that look like us in this field. they are hard to find, yet they are existent. And, depending on your health…