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On November 27th, 2019 prior to the New Orleans Pelicans vs the Los Angeles Lakers game ( AKA The Anthony Davis return), Bleacher Report’s Mirin Fader wrote a report on the grueling and heartbreaking journey of Brandon Ingram from his nasty blood clot injury that sidelined him till now. In the report, she detailed the harsh realities Ingram faced while recovering from such a nasty injury and the surgery he went through.

“Brandon Ingram could hardly breathe. He’d try and try, inhaling deeply as he walked along the beach near his home in Los Angeles, but each attempt fell short. Stuck, somehow; a full breath just out of reach. He’d return home and continue to practice breathing by pacing up and down his four flights of stairs. But he’d still end up gulping for air, frustrated and confused.” — Fader Bleacher Report

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The heartbreaking reality of Brandon Ingram is as detailed. In late March of 2019, Ingram had been feeling severe pain in his shoulder. Forced to sit out of practice, X-Rays determined he had a blood clot in his right arm, which was later diagnosed as deep venous thrombosis. Ingram had to undergo thoracic outlet decompression surgery in his right arm, the blood clot arm. A surgery that would end his up and down season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

For Ingram, this must have been disappointing as he had seemed to have finally turned the corner for the Lakers as he was averaging over 28 points and 7 rebounds after the all-star break in 2019. This was amidst all the trade rumors swirling around the young star and his teammates Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma. Ingram ended his season averaging 18.3 ppg, 5.1 RPG, and 3.0 ast. These were career numbers up to this point (sans the assist), but all disappointing when people expected him to be the co-star that would ride with Lebron into Laker…