Adonis Richards
2 min readOct 3, 2019


As I watch the rain water fall down

my mind drops into depression

Thinking of all the lessons you taught me

My mind races through all the moments

All the tragedy you caused me in the time spent with you

All the pain and disappointment

The hurt, the destruction

Sometimes I wonder what you really thought of me

As I watch the rain water fall down

I’m plagued with confusion and sorrow you caused me

Some days I restrain from believing tomorrow is plausible see

You drained me of any enthusiasm

You sucked the joy from my body

Now I’m this cocoon, staring down the rain

My entire life is now melancholy

Silenced by your existence I think in exhaustion of your domain over my mind

Your idea leaves a stain inside as I continue to divide into pieces all over my bed

As I watch the rain water fall down

I’m reminded of the strangle hold you have on me

You destroyed me from every angle

And I can’t shake the painful memory of you

The constant reminder of what could’ve been lingers

And the memories of how you broke me devours my soul each passing second

All in all I’m reminded of the lesson

And hope that I can take this rainy day as a blessing

As I watch the rain water fall down I stare in my reflection

Reminding myself that I can never shake you

Because the one that caused me the most pain

Is right in front of me,

the inception of the one I hate so much,

Was placed by you,