Adonis Richards
2 min readNov 21, 2019

A not so random morning

Wake up and brush those teeth

Now wash your face,

Put on that shower make sure you’ve got underwear for when you get out,

Sometimes I’ll forget like lotion or deodorant so I gotta run half naked through the house hoping no one sees me exposed like a scared mouse I rush through the catacombs of my own home just to not hear anyone’s mouth,

Aww shit I forgot my slippers so now my feet are exposed,

Finally grab everything I need, washing my ass now

Take extra time to be fresh and clean, wash off the dead skin sells that smell like yesterday’s ups and downs

Contemplate for 5–10

Minutes, don’t even wash just sit there in silence thinking of random shot like gun violence and how imma lead my people to stop being traumatized by the sights and sounds of sirens

Wonder about a few women people and think about some concepts for a podcast I’d probably never do,

A couple of poems run through my mind but they’d never make it to the pen and pad

Why? Because by the time I get out the shower they’ve already disappeared in my head,

By now I’m out, and dried off

Mind still running like a jackal chasing its next meal, my dog has followed me to the edge of the house where I’m fixing everything right by the side of my bed.

Room untidy from long days of stress I make this uncanny bed and fix up what little bit I can

Run some oil to my mouth to pull extra bacteria

Put on some espn

Contemplate and write down new posts to put to my posts

Edit a couple of poems

Put together my gym bag

Fall deep into my depression one

Step out, breath

Perceive the day that I achieve everything I hoped for,

Smile, go back to that bathroom and believe in myself, fix my hair, put a lil coconut oil in it, some Argan, drop of castor

Remind myself I need to drop hair growth in it today,

Grab my bag, and head out.

It’s time to conquer my day