Adonis Richards
2 min readOct 30, 2019


A million words

I have a million words for you,

Each and every one would bring me deeper into your heart

They’d flurry through my head and and pulsate through my heart to yours in a magical rush of passion and love that can only be imagined to be as beautiful as the stars in a dark night skit

I have a million words for you

They blast through my pours like sweat after a heavy workout, relentlessly racing out of my body,

Each gland is a meticulous thought as to how is woo you into my arms,

Each drop is an essay of how I’d soothe you with my heart

Please don’t be deterred by the thought that my sweat is the only analogy I have, I’m awkward, and it limits my ability to say, “ hey”

I have a million words for you, but all I can think of is “hey”

And not even that smooth hey, but that that weird hey

That I don’t know what to say hey

That I’m afraid to say…what I want to say because I’m scared you’ll run away…


I have a million words for you…

But I’d never be able to say any of them,

So every time I see you I just nod and say “ hey…”

I swear, one day I’ll gain the courage to acknowledge your beauty, or make you laugh endlessly

One day I’ll take you out and I’ll get you in my arms,

One day I’ll give you this sweet soliloquy or rhetoric for all the amazing things I want you to know I think of when I see you

But for now… because I’m a scared little bitch…

I say…