8 minutes and 46 seconds

Adonis Richards
3 min readOct 13, 2020

I sit back in my bed and think about all I can do in 8 minutes and 46 seconds…

that’s my favorite song played twice,

Is that enough time to cook rice?

Is that enough time to do what’s right,

To tell my momma I love her, to take a life?

Imagine how much fear you must have in 8 minutes, and 46 seconds. You don’t usually because that time blows by without you even checking. Imagine not knowing when the clock will stop ticking but your mind is preparing for it. Because you can see the angel of death grimacing as the lights dim and…

8 minutes and 46 seconds… imagine how long that must feel. How painful and inhumane this type of behavior reveals the generations of hatred and chaining we unveil curtains upon curtains of skeletons ima. Closet of a company disguising itself as a country making false narratives to feed the tamed beasts their meat day after day after day we feed the same bullshit of hate, lies, and poverty. As the rich get greedy off our blood spilled on the hot ground, ripe and cooked just to their liking. Silenced and hypnotized by tv screens and impatiently waiting for the next big thing we violently march to our dooms blindly looking at one image in the room not brave enough to turn out heads to the bigger picture.

And the result? 8 minutes… and 46 seconds of torture to stop the world….

All the time wasted trying to prove one’s race is paces ahead of the other as we fall deeper into the matrix and fall into the abyss and try to religious our agony through cannabis and narcotics we continue to perish in this endless madness that sucks our souls and uses the energy to oppress us more.

No power,

No spaces for recharging

No ability to create sustainable change

Divided by rage and screens meant to train us to believe in the facade that we are free…

And the result…

8 minutes and 46 seconds of agony….

Then months of protesting being overthrown by looting and rioting and bodies piling

Masses colliding ideologies attempting to break the constructs that binds is by race, gender, size, color, sexuality…

And we’ve Fallen into the trap. Piling like lonely sin a barrel. And we keep trying to remind you that there is an ocean to explore and a…